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Styles & Prices

All Photography provided to you will be edited in Lightroom/Photoshop and delivered in high quality. Price rates will vary on the amount of time required and the type of photography you want. With your payment you will get the preparation for the shoot, the shoot itself and the editing of the photos. Shadow Photography is proud to offer accessible rates so everyone is able to have beautiful photos. Provide all the details of your requirements and I will get back to you with a tailored price for you.

  • Studio

    • With Studio type photos you can shoot from personal clear book/portfolio of yourself, articles from your store, family photos, animals etc. Depending on your requirements a specific studio can be arranged or a portable studio can be used in a home setting.

  • Outdoor/Locations

    • At Outdoor or Location shoots we can create amazing results using the many settings that surrounds us, from parks, to abandoned buildings, or busy city, etc.

  • Weddings

    • Allow me to record all those memories from your special day, from the preparations for the big day, do the ceremony, and then the after party. A more classic approach or a more natural record of the day, depending on what you are looking for.

  • Boudoir

    • Empower yourself by creating beautiful photos in your sexy lingerie, that you can keep it to yourself, share it with the world or offer to your partner.

  • Glamour

    • You love your body and you're not afraid to show it? Let's break the barriers and create elegant photos of the human body.

  • Themed Boudoir/Glamour

    • You want to make some photos with a more intimate look, but want to add a twist to it? Why not a Christmas feel, or a creepy Halloween? Maybe a Valentines day present, or a silly St Patrick's celebration.

  • Cosplay

    • You love your heroes and want to show the world you can be one? Well step into the light, I got you!

  • Architecture & Nature

    • Man made, and nature have a fragile balance between them. Do you want to immortalize a piece you created, or is there a place you want to make it into a print? I can help you.

  • Humanity

    • I'm here for all those special moments where a piece of our humanity is worth recording.

  • Sports

    • Action, speed, sweat, power, struggle! From your kids game, to the big leagues I won't miss a shot.

  • Daily Objects

    • It's the everyday things that can create a unique thing. Tell me what amazing idea for your special thing you want me to capture with a click!

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